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Alberta Doctor Wrote a Letter to Canadian Medical Association: “Vaccinations for COVID Should be Immediately Stopped and Doctors Death Should be Investigated”

In a letter to the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), Dr. William Makis, a doctor from Alberta demanded that all vaccination requirements in the public...

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Lebanese People Forcibly Took their Own Money from the Banks

On Wednesday, a woman entered a bank office in Beirut while carrying what she claimed was a toy pistol from his nephew, demanding the...

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The Solution to Current Food Price Crisis

According to information that is currently accessible, a larger range of issues has led to the present food price crisis and not the conflict...

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Children’s Hospital Denied Offering Transgender Surgery on Kids below 18 despite Prior Posts 

After receiving strong public criticism, the Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) changed its website to state that it does not operate on young patients under...

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An Australian Woman is Suing a Psychiatrist for “Failed” Gender Transitioning

A psychiatrist named Dr. Patrick Toohey is being sued by Jay Langadinos for professional negligence for administering her masculinizing drugs in May 2010, when...

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