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Pres. Duterte Pulls Out Sinopharm Vaccines in the Philippines

The government acquired much criticism as President Duterte was jabbed with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine. Because of this, on Wednesday, Pres. Duterte announced that he asked Ambassador Huang Xilian to halt sending COVID-19 Sinopharm vaccines to the Philippines.

From the recent speech he made, Duterte stated that he already discussed the matter with Chinese envoy Huang to send the other Chinese brand Sinovac instead.

“Ang binigay lang ang compassionate use which is really illegal excuse to have the, ibig sabihin magamit mo, compassionate. Maybe it’s not acceptable to them but it’s legal, actually. When the government allowed it to be used for compassionate use, it was an authority for people to be injected. Pero kokonte lang ang naturukan nito.”

“So, here’s a deal. Criticized nila kasi hindi dumaan ng examination yung Sinopharm. Sabi ko, tanggalin mo nalang. You withdraw all Sinopharm vaccines, 1000 of them. Wag ka nalang magpadala ng Sinopharm dito para walang gulo. Ibigay mo nalang sa amin yung Sinovac na ginagamit sa lahat.”

“Ang Sinopharm, maybe tomorrow or mamaya wala na yan. I made it as a personal request.”

For the president, he already knew that although the Sinopharm injections are for compassionate use only, it’s already widely used in Brazil and Indonesia.

“We are sorry that we committed the things that you are criticizing us for. We accept responsibility. Ako mismo nagpaturok. Well, it’s my, it’s the decision of my doctor. Anyway, it’s my life.”

“So, we are sorry. You are right, we are wrong. Ngayon yung tinurok sa akin, I said, it’s the decision of my doctor. All things said, this is my life.”

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Posted by Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) on Wednesday, 5 May 2021


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