PHL: Strict health protocols still imposed on fully vaccinated individuals

The Philippine Foundation for Vaccination’s Executive Director, Dr. Lulu Bravo, states at the recent DZBB interview on May 10th that even though a person is fully inoculated, they should still follow the minimum health protocols accordingly.

These minimum health protocols are wearing the face masks, face shields, frequent hand-washing, and, of course, observing the intended one-meter distance from another person.

Dr. Bravo shared that getting the jab is only the beginning of the journey and that the ideal goal to reach herd immunity like Israel is yet too far from reality.

Israel has vaccinated 80% of its population.

“Ang problema kasi hindi pa tayo nakakarating sa ganung kadaming nabakunahan, so marami pa rin sa atin ang pwedeng maka-transmit ng infection.”

Bravo further added that because of the different variants coming in the country. If the population has not been inoculated yet, those vaccinated can still get infected with the other variant.

Because majority of Israel’s population got the vaccines, the protocol for mask-wearing is lifted.

In the U.S, news came in the those who had their jabs are allowed not to wear masks anymore.

As of the moment, the government is keen on getting 70 million people or within the 70% of the Philippine’s overall population, to attain “herd” immunity through vaccination.

In contrast to other countries, there are U.S. states that already lifted the masking protocols whether their constituents had taken the shot or not such as, South Dakota, Texas, and Florida. In truth, there are other countries and legislators filing cases against the protocols and pursuing it to be lifted the soonest time possible.

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