72-Year-Old Man Dies Minutes After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine in the Philippines

The Philippine Government is now starting its campaign by offering the COVID-19 vaccines to senior citizens.

It’s simultaneous throughout every region in the country.

The World Health Organization and the Department of Health often remind citizens that the vaccines are safe and effective; thus, whatever risks are there, the benefits will always outweigh it.

In Cagayan de Oro, on May 12th, Wednesday, a 73-yr.-old senior had his first COVID-19 vaccine dose before noon.

However, only 15 minutes after his vaccination, he suffered from breathing difficulties. Because of the said situation, the senior was rushed to the hospital immediately. Zoilo Joaquin Borcillo did not make it and was then pronounced dead on arrival at the JR Borja Memorial General Hospital.

Borcillo’s son accompanied his father to the designated vaccination location at SM Premiere mall. There, he acquired his first dose of AstraZeneca.

According to the reports provided by Dr. William Bernardo, COVID-19 inter-agency task for head for logistics shared that the 73-yr-old senior already felt discomfort while he was waiting at the mall’s observation area around 11:44 am. It was only nine minutes after he took the shot. Six minutes after the complaint, he was rushed to the hospital.

Dr. Bernardo states that Borcillo went through the intended health safety check and was okay. Until his blood pressure somewhat rose to 150/80 only a few moments after getting the initial AstraZeneca’s dose.

Nurses and the physician who gave the dose to Borcillo noted that the senior did not look sick and was ambulatory.

“His blood pressure was still at an acceptable range by DOH standards.”

Bernardo added that the guidelines and procedures set by the Department of Health were all obeyed.

“So, this is really an unfortunate event.”

Borcillo had declared his comorbidities and that he had been taking maintenance medicines for his hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP).

Because of this tragic incident, Mayor Oscar Moreno commanded that an investigation should immediately uncover the truth of Borcillo’s death. The mayor admits that they’ll expect possible setbacks, and the event could have a “deterring effect” on the current COVID-19 vaccination program not only in the city but everywhere else in the country.

On the other hand, mayor Moreno shared that he received different reports regarding Borcillo’s health and medical history. He has then reminded the people that it (incident) should serve as a lesson.

“That we should tell doctors everything.”

Maria Rosario Vergeire, DOH’s Undersecretary, reminded once again via news conference that:

“The benefit outweighs the risk. Only a small percentage of the population had these adverse effects for AstraZeneca.”

As of late, mayor Moreno orders the continuation of the COVID-19 inoculation program at Robinson’s grocery, SM downtown Shopping Mall, and JRBGH.

In other countries, unfavorable adverse reactions from AstraZeneca is piling up which forced the governments to suspend or completely banned the vaccine to be administered.


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