US recommends ‘pause’ of J&J vaccine due to rare blood clots

For the time being, the US wants to put on hold the rollout of Johnson & Johnson vaccines as there’s a need to pursue investigations due to rare cases of blood clotting among inoculated.

According to Reuters, on Tuesday, the US federal health agencies issued a recommendation pausing the use of Johnson & Johnson as the six people inoculated with the COVID-19 single-dose vaccine developed a rare blood ailment concerning blood clots.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will uphold an advisory conference this coming Wednesday to examine the cases.

The ages of the six recipients are from 18 to 48, and all are women. One of these women is in Nebraska and admitted to the hospital because of her critical condition. However, the other one died.

Both the US Food and Drug Administration and the CDC, through its joint statement, assure that these adverse events are sporadic.

The single-dose Johnson & Johnson administration throughout the United States is more than 6.8 million, April 12, 2021.

The US health regulators’ current move occurs within less than a week following the UK’s health. Drug regulators admit to reviewing the rare blood clots incidences from four inoculated individuals in the United States.

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