PHL: 24 deaths after getting COVID-19 Vaccine are “Coincidental”

On April 23, 2021, the Philippines Department of Health gave another announcement on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

SOURCE: Members of the Quezon City Health Department conduct house-to-house inoculation of Sinovac vaccines to bedridden senior citizens in Barangay Payatas, Quezon City on Friday.

According to the DOH, 24 people who were injected with the COVID-19 shots had died.

Department of Health Secretary Francisco Duque III has also got the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Duque did not get any special treatment. In truth, he followed through with the necessary vaccination procedure. Health Undersecretary Gerardo Bayugo administered the immunization.

DOH Sec. Duque stated:

“As I receive my dose of the Covid-19 vaccine today, I invite everyone to do the same and choose to be protected. Let us all take part in protecting public health, and let us be in unison in spreading one message: that vaccines are safe, and vaccines are effective.”

As he is a senior citizen, he belongs to the Priority Group A2.

The National Adverse Events Following Immunization or AEFI Council gave the numbers of individuals who experienced severe adverse events. AEFI stated that 344 people suffered from severe allergic reactions to which they had to be hospitalized.

Of the 24 deaths among those inoculated, DOH data showed that ten had received Sinovac vaccines. The other fourteen people got the AstraZeneca jabs.

From the virtual press conference last Friday, Director General Eric Domingo from the Food and Drug Administration stated that eleven perished from COVID-19. Three persons died from infectious disease. The other eight individuals passed on after suffering from cardiovascular or cerebrovascular illnesses.

The remaining two cases are now under investigation. FDA Director General Domingo indicated that the majority of the mortalities had comorbidities.

FDA states that the deaths “coincidental and totally unrelated to the vaccine.” Department of Health stresses that when taking the shots, benefits far outweigh the risks.

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