24,000 Adverse Events Recorded since Vaccine Rollout in the Philippines

On April 11, 2021, the Philippines Department of Health (DOH) announced that over 24,823 “suspected or reported” cases are on record under the “adverse events following immunization” or AEFI.

Maria Rosario Vergeire, Health Undersecretary, notes these numbers at the press briefing. The individuals recently inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccines are 1.1 million, and the largest of them consist of healthcare workers, almost reaching 900000.

According to their official records, there were 17,709 inoculated who have had adverse effects after AstraZeneca shots. The 17,503 experienced minor events, while there were 206 who have suffered severe events.

For the Sinovac jabs, the minor adverse effects 7,000 and 164 people encounter severe effects.

Vergeire stated:

“All of these are being investigated and some of the results are already out. Until now, experts have not seen ‘direct causality’ and this means that the vaccines did not cause serious effects.”

The DOH is following expert’s reviews; she underscored that none of the vaccines available in the Philippines had caused any severe reactions, which had lead to COVID-19 infections or death.

The “Adverse Event Following Immunization” or AEFI is to record all effects from vaccinations and where the manual is available from the DOH’s website since 2014.

The AEFI does not solely use for monitoring the effects on vaccines for COVID-19. In truth, it is intended for every vaccine-preventable disease, such as for the infants, children, and adults jab reactions.

The listed reportable serious AEFIs are from an anaphylactoid reaction, hospitalization, disability, death, and others.

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