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The Hunter Biden Files: How dangerous is it to deal with the Chinese Communist Party and what it means for the Philippines

A few weeks before the US presidential election, presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is now under fire for his alleged connection with the Chinese Communist Party.

This happened after incriminating evidence of his corruption ended up in no less than his father’s opponent, US president Donald Trump’s hands. According to reliable sources, the drives which contain the files are also said to prove Joe Biden’s connection in his son’s overseas business dealings. The said files were purportedly sent to the democratic party through House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a blackmail or one would say, a motivation for them to win the 2020 elections.

If the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can influence US elections and politics on this scale, imagine what they can do to the Philippines.
Davao City has been receiving ‘gifts’ from the CCP and recently received laptops for students from the Chinese consulate. Remember, Xi Jinping is from the CCP whom Duterte had pledged allegiance to in 2016, saying he will ‘follow his footsteps’ and will join the new (world) order with China and Russia.

Chinese POGOs were allowed to operate in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic while Filipinos starve and local businesses and their workers suffer, not to mention their whopping P50 billion unpaid taxes in 2019, still outstanding.

In fact, from January to September 2020, DOLE has issued 73,640 alien employment permits (AEPs) to foreign workers (mostly Chinese). Of the figure, 84.46 percent or 62,196 were given to those employed in POGOs.
And remember the shutdown of AFP dummy accounts following the recent Asia-America Gateway (AAG) ‘maintenance’ that caused massive internet outage nationwide? Wanna connect the dots? Don’t even get me started on the West Philippine Sea dispute or China’s occupation of the Scarborough Shoal and their invasion of Zambales.

If people can’t still see what is going on here, given these facts, the tyrannical protocols, and this bombshell of a video below, I don’t know what will.

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