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How Conversations Can Be Life-Changing Nowadays

According to Forbes, the courage we ask questions on conversations nurtures one’s consciousness. Hence, conversations were found to be beneficial to people’s lives. This article emphasizes how conversation can be life-changing to us.

In today’s situation, pandemic makes us lonely because we are required to stay inside our houses all the time. With conversations, even though it is limited to social media, loneliness is being lessened. Chatting and video calling with our peers made us feel that we are connected with them even though we are distant from each other.

Aside from reducing the loneliness brought by pandemic, the conversation can be life-changing to companies. Talking enables employees to share what’s on their minds. Business leaders believe that simple conversations spark transformative ideas. Giving employees a chance to speak what’s on their minds may contribute to creating a favorable culture for the company.

Having said that, conversations have been found out to create more job opportunities. A lot of businesses nowadays venture into mentoring. The majority have not realized that mentoring is a fruit of great conversations.

“I had my first mentoring session today and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same person. The call started with my mentee expressing her apprehension and ended with confidence and a plan. When I got off the phone I cried..tears of gratitude..for her service and for finding a way for me to give back in a meaningful way. Thank you for this opportunity. You are changing lives on both sides of the call,” Dianu Rau, Co-founder of Twine, stated in a Forbes report.

Further, Twine ventured on mentoring veterans to find their dream job. Dianu emphasized that conversations enable their company to create $100 million in jobs. More importantly, it is through conversations that managers engage with their employees. As managers constantly speak with their people, the more they get to know them.

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