5 Ways To Incorporate Self-Care in Your Daily Routine

Self-care is not selfish. Amid periods of stress and anxiety, and the general atmosphere of the world today, it is a crucial concept that allows us to look after ourselves while there are countless things beyond our control. When you find the time to incorporate self-care in your daily routine, you may notice improvements in mood, performance, and your overall wellness.

Drink water

Something as simple as remembering to drink water is a form of self-care. Staying hydrated can flush out toxins, improve your skin, regulate your body temperature, prevent infections, among tons of other benefits. However, remembering to drink water may not come as naturally to some people as it does to others. Reader’s Digest suggests the Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle as it contains sensors that track your daily intake. You can sync your consumption with a Bluetooth hydration tracker, and the bottle itself glows as a reminder to drink some more.

Intuitive meal times

With the influx of articles dictating what you should or should not eat, meal times can become a source of anxiety. Moreover, busy schedules may mean that you forget to eat altogether. While it is important to make time for meals, therapist Molly Bahr also stresses the necessity of eating intuitively. This means listening to your body and what it wants in a particular moment. Counting calories and avoiding certain foods can be counterproductive and can cause unhealthy habits and punitive attitudes. Instead, intuitive eating allows you to be in touch with your body and what it wants, whether it is a pizza or a salad. Over time, you will learn to pick up on what makes you feel good and what you know is good for you, which can improve your relationship with food in its entirety and teach you to be kinder to yourself.

Pencil in time to ‘unplug’

You may feel dissatisfied when you have an endless to-do list every day, as this gets in the way of doing anything you truly enjoy. Spending a disproportionate amount of time in front of the screen can also drain you – whether this is for reading the news or doing work. One way to possibly remedy this is to pencil in time to ‘unplug’ as well. On ‘Healthy Ways to Combat Stress Due to COVID-19’ – we suggested taking breaks from the screen. Dedicate a part of your day to doing things you enjoy that also stimulate the mind, such as reading a book or preparing a meal for yourself. Time spent unplugged is never time wasted.

Skincare regimen

Having a skincare routine is not just about physical attributes, but it has numerous mental and emotional benefits as well. Dermatologist Rena Jogi says that a skincare regimen can provide you with a sense of comfort and solitude as a form of meditation. It is a chance to unwind and focus on yourself. This routine isn’t solely about washing your face, but should also encourage you to pay special attention to your other skin needs, like moisturizer. Pretty Me’s review of AR Vitamin E cream emphasizes how natural ingredients like beeswax and sunflower seed oil are safe for all skin types. If you are still new to the whole skincare phenomenon, then a multipurpose product is an effective introduction, as it can also be used on other parts of the body. This is an instant way of introducing some much needed luxury into your routine.


Sometimes, life may move so quickly that you find it difficult to keep up. This can result in you sweeping your feelings under the rug or letting emotions go by unprocessed. Journaling can be an effective tool for keeping track of how you feel. Don’t stress out too much if it doesn’t come instantly as guided journals can help you get started. The Spruce highlights the BestSelf Co’s Self Journal for those who want a good balance of productivity and creativity. While it functions as a planner, it also contains prompts and makes space for you to write your goals, daily takeaways, and a list of things you are grateful for, without being too overwhelming. It can encourage introspection and help you map your progress, for as long as you make it a point to write in it religiously.

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