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Banana Peels as fertilizers? How is that possible?

Most people immediately discard banana peels after consuming or cooking preparations.

It is easier to get rid of peeling, especially if it is no longer useful. However, if you are a gardening enthusiast, you would understand that every from a fruit and vegetable provides lots of assistance for your growing garden.

Find out how to make it your next garden fertilizer!

You will know more here and how to prepare it.

What nutrients does it have to offer your garden?

First things first, does it have nutrients? Did you know that you can consume the banana peels and are exceptionally healthy too?

These are indeed thicker, bitter, and with lots of fibers. The known delicacies using the peels are either to boil, bake, and you can fry it.

Bananas are potassium-rich, and so is its peel. It is bountiful with dietary fibers that will improve your body’s digestive process and decrease blood cholesterol levels. It is antioxidant-rich and has Tryptophan.

Different Ways to Use It as Fertilizers

Dried Peels: 
  • It is excellent for summer, and all you need is a tray, and leave the skins out in the sun.
  • How do you know they are sun-dried to perfection? They are crisps and cracks!
  • What if it still isn’t dry enough? You have the option to let it dry in the oven, but make sure you are not burning it.
  • Grind the dried banana skins to a fine powder.
  • Always select a container that will not let moisture in, and store it in a dry area. Moisture can cause fungus to grow, and you would not want that to happen.
  • When is the supreme time to use, and add to your garden soil? It has to be 3 to 6 months ere the growing season.
In the water container:
  • You can start small with a glass of water or up to 5 gallons or more.
  • Fill your chosen container with as many banana skins as you would like.
  • Is there a possibility that molds will happen? Yes, it can. That’s is why you need to make sure that the banana skins are just beneath the line of water.
  • What do you do next? Cover the water containers and leave it where the sunlight can reach it.
  • How long do you have to wait? A week is perfect. 
  • After a week, the water will evaporate. Add more water, some commercial fertilizer, then proceed to water your plants like you usually do.

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