Which Ornamental Flowers Repel Pesky Insects?

Ornamental flowers are pleasing to the eyes as their colors are vivid. Not only that, but its scent is also heavenly. At times, it’s wonderful to stay outdoors and enjoy the sun or moon without being bothered by insects. But, would you expect it to have the capacity to drive away and repel pesky bugs?

It seems unlikely, yet the truth of the matter is, it’s factual. There are a number of beautiful flowers and herbs you could add to your garden or even inside your home to repulse the bugs.

These blossoms are;

Floss Flowers

 These ones are tiny but exceptionally pretty. Can grow all year round so long as the seeds are able to drop to the ground. However, if you prefer putting them in containers, it can thrive well too!

The purple and blue blooms are long-lasting. These tiny beauties have the strong fragrance that’s powerful enough to repel biting flies and mosquitos.

A word of caution though, its leaves and stems are spiny and could cause allergic reactions.


These perennial beauties are easy to grow whether outdoors or indoors and love to get the full sun. Its scent can effortlessly fend off tomato hornworm, aphids, leafhoppers, beetles, and other bugs! That’s why petunias have become popular for their natural pesticide capacities.


They come in an array of species, specifically, perennial, annual and biennial plants. Cranesbills is its other name. These are found without problems in temperate places around the world. The scented variety of are powerful enough to repel mosquitos especially the lemon-scented geraniums.

Why? It is because it has a small proportion of citronella oil. These flowers would be wonderful to add to vegetable gardens too!


These reddish-orange-golden splendors are from the annual variety. When its summer, it displays it bright blooms in your garden. They love to get lots of sun and capable to endure hot seasons.

Its scent can drive away mosquitos, aphids, and rabbits that may attack your vegetable patch. Its roots deter nematodes. Do you have tomato plants and often have seen the whiteflies are aggressively all over it? Trust that marigolds can fend them away naturally! No need for pesticides at all!

This list is only a few from the wide array of plants to choose from. These are not only pretty to your eyes but, deadly to the pesky bugs. It is truly worth adding these ornamental flowers to your gardens!


Featured Image: Couleur from Pixabay

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