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What Happens When You Learn a New Language?

Earth is truly fascinating and cultural diversity is indeed mind-blowing. Many people have become curious and interests rise to learn a new language. It must be because of the continuous rising in the introduction of worldwide foreign films and artists. These days, thanks to the internet, people can teach themselves these foreign languages with ease.

Have you ever heard about monolingualism, wherein you use and know only a single dialectal? Did you know that it can be hurtful for your brain and intellectual growth? It seems you are missing out a lot by sticking to one language all your life.

Let us discuss here what are the advantages of introducing yourself to new tongues especially your brain.

Improves Self-Discipline

It’s going to be an exciting exposure, but it’ll also require you to be consistent with the experience and determination. Yes, the internet provides the apps or channels where you can start the journey. However, it needs to offer you the five imperative essential programs such as;

  • Memorization
  • Reading and understanding
  • Listening
  • Proper speaking
  • Writing

Do you think you are too busy? Do not worry too much though. Give yourself an hour a day or even 30 minutes as a starter for your day.

Loving Your Native Tongue on a Deeper Level

Because you were accustomed to it, you rarely appreciate your native tongue. As you begin the adventure of learning a foreign language, you realize the importance of yours.

It may also drive you to a path of discovering your first language on a deeper level and love it profoundly too.

Enhances Your Memory, Capacities to Study and Comprehension

Even when you jump-start the lesson, you become more attentive to the characters or phrases and study this on your free time. As you go through this exercise throughout the day, it enhances your memory.

The capacities to study and comprehend the meaning behind the new words, characters and sentences triggers the brain to work out intellectually.

Your Confidence and Self-Esteem is Amplified

The moment you practice the new language more often, the familiarity is felt. You become proud of yourself and confident too. Your self-esteem is amplified too!

Imagine, you taught yourself through hard work and passion, it is worth the praise! To be more precise with your goals, do it the SMART way.

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