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Herbs: Repel Pests and Insects Naturally with Ease

Have you ever wished to find the best methods to repel pests and insects like herbs? Have you had had enough of all the insects attacking you and your home? If that is the case, you most probably have tried every pesticide available in the market. But knowing the possible destructive side-effects from these chemically-laden choices, can there be alternative natural approaches?

To fight off the mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs, whether inside or outside of your home, all you need are herbs! These plants excrete natural essential oils which evaporate in the air. The vapors circulate with the help of the wind throughout your location thus the organic deterring process happens.

Which Herbs are the Best Choices?


Do you have other vegetable plants or wish to prevent insects especially mosquitos from aggressively pursuing your plants and you? Rosemary is a great choice and grows with ease in containers or in herb gardens. The scent of rosemary is ever so pleasing especially when you add it to food, but insects detest it. Its simple cuttings work wondrous already.


It is the plant that’s popular for repelling mosquitos because of its citronella oil. It prefers to stay outdoors but does well in pots that drain properly and is in a sunny location.


Did you know that lavender fends off the mosquitos, flies, fleas, and moths? For many centuries, it is a favorite herb because it has the sweet and pleasant fragrance people find aromatic and therapeutic. Lavender prefers to stay in sunny areas and extract its oil and apply it to your skin.


These are perfect both indoors and outdoors and thrives in pots better. If you wish for it to nurture plentiful, place it on the ground and watch it spread. Mint is aromatic and perfect for teas too!


These cultivate well in pots inside the house. It is among the chosen herbs when adding to salads and a variety of recipes. You can make mixtures from basil leaves with stem to spray against the bugs.

Herbs like these are beneficial not only on repelling the insects but, also on your health too! Never underestimate Mother Earth’s living plants.

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