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Hand Sanitizers and its Hazardous Health Effects

In this time of pandemic due to COVID-19, the hoarding battle for alcohol and hand sanitizers have been apparent. Within the first few weeks of the scare, people are almost fighting tooth and nail to get as much as they can. The fear of getting infected was exceptionally jaw-dropping that people neglect some important medical information behind these disinfecting solutions.

Sure, you’re busy and at times when you’re outside your home, washing your hands isn’t always a viable option. Getting those hand sanitizers from your bags are quick and convenient alternative. You do feel clean and it smells good too!

The most common components of hand sanitizers are glycerin, fragrance, water and the ethyl alcohol that works as the active-ingredient and antiseptic. Other variants are non-alcohol based that have triclocarban or triclosan as its active antibiotic component. You may find this chemical in soaps and toothpaste with the label indicating that it is antimicrobial, antibacterial, or antiseptic.

What is the truth about hand sanitizers?

Triclosan poses an incredible health risk as stated from the Food and Drug Administration’s official statement for its toxicity and hormone disrupting effects in people.

Cleanliness is a great habit, however, when it comes to excessive obsession germophobia, you could be putting your life at risk.

Resistance to Antibiotic

As a rule, antibiotics are meant to fight against bacteria. But, have you ever thought about your body becoming resistant to antibiotic which makes you prone to bad bacterial infections?

Do not forget, our body also needs good bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria. Obsessively using hand sanitizers with triclosan lowers your chances of battling diseases as good bacteria are eradicated too. Scientific studies have shown that health care staff who are using hand sanitizers more than hand-washing properly are far more prone to norovirus outbreaks, causing acute gastroenteritis.

Triclosan has been banned from the market in the US as ordered by the Food and Drug Administration. When you are overexposed to improper antibiotics usage, resistance to it occurs and makes the treatment almost impossible.

Poisoning from Alcohol Content

What if you chose another one that does not have triclosan, does it mean it is safer?

Alcohol-based like isopropyl, ethyl and a mixture of both concentrations in hand sanitizers which performs as antimicrobial also eradicates bacteria. Studies and research have also shown that with a little squirt might be equivalent to rounds of hard liquor.

Disruptive to your Hormones

Concerns with hormonal imbalance have been ballooning up more and more these years. Could your favorite hand sanitizer be among the culprits?

It is a big possibility as FDA reports triclosan possible leads to hormonal turmoil. Animal studies made in the past showed the compound massively changed the body’s hormones. This raises alarming concerns and required further and extensive investigation on how it may ultimately affect humans too.

Makes the Immune System Weaker

It is not hard to love your immune system because it protects you from harm the best way it can. Proper nutrition boosts it to its optimum level.

But, triclosan negatively affects the natural function of this intricate system. When it is compromised, your body becomes susceptible to diseases like allergies and further vulnerable to Bisphenol A, a toxic chemical discovered in plastics.

Did you know that from the scientific studies, children and teenagers do have higher levels of triclosan and prospectively diagnosed allergies and hay fever?

Toxic, Toxic, Toxic

Have you ever read or heard about when products are scented, it means it is toxic-laden? If you will check your favorite products, it is among the general components which are from a mixture of highly toxic chemicals.

The toxicity is enough to cause disorders to the endocrine system mimicking your hormones and may even the reason behind altercation of genital development.

It is comprehensible that you do not want to get infected or infect others. But, are you choosing the right options? Be on the lookout for phthalates and parabens.

It is also imperative to educate yourself of the products you purchase. Review the ingredients and research it.  Be open to learning new information and not taking everything on face value alone. It is a responsibility you need to make for you and the people around you.

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