Are Energy Vampires Preying on You Right Now?

Almost every person grew up hearing or reading up stories that involve vampires. It all started from the European folklore and it is true that every corner of the world has its myths on these undead creatures. Most of the time, it causes trouble or even death within their inhabited neighborhoods. The stories are quite countless recounted by witnesses and “survivors all of which are interesting and scary. And yet, what makes the energy vampires different from the old folklore?

These particulars do not feed on your blood and prefer your energy.

Why Do They Need Your Energy?

Are there moments you feeling drained, exhausted, as if all your energy has been sucked right out of your being after talking to someone?

At times their actions are unintentional or they are unaware of the disruptive behavior. The most dangerous ones are those who do it with focused intentions.

These people feed on your emotional energy through your heartfelt inclinations to care and listen to them. What happens after these engagements? You end up with an overwhelming feeling of tiredness. Whenever they feel intense pain, bouts of insecurities, they call on you and try to heal all of their emotional sufferings through you.

Most of these are people who might have issues with empathy or the lack of consideration for others and emotional maturity. Who are these people? Unfortunately, they could be someone close to you and even related. A highly sensitive individual, have high capacities of empathy , you need to prepare barriers and be observant of the situation you’re in.

What Are the Common Characteristics of These Vampires?

  • They are fond of pinning the problems on someone else. Even if and when they are responsible for it, they’d rather not take any accountability.
  • Drama, drama, drama! As they wait for you to save them by absorbing the emotional negativity, fixing it, and make them feel better.
  • You notice that these people have a hard time feeling sincere happiness for others. They counter it and react to pull the good and positive towards their emotional stresses.
  • When you do have issues you want to share, they’ll belittle your problems and divert the topic about themselves.
  • Martyrdom or often plays as “the victim” for them to acquire the emotive care they crave and to help boost their bruised self-esteem.
  • They enjoy guilt-tripping people, ultimatums and coerces you to do something you wouldn’t want to get your attention.
  • They bully and intimidate people as a means of perceiving that they are above others.

How to Guard Yourself and Set Up Restrictions?

It sounds a little extreme to build up walls against these people. However, it is a much-needed response to their tactics.

You may interact and talk to them but, you should never forget to set the limitations. There is a big difference in reacting to their stories or issues and responding to them. Learn the mindfulness of being neutral and monitor your emotions carefully.

Arguing or contradictions won’t be effective. Let them be and let go of them. Free yourself from worrying too much about their attitude towards other people and you

At times, they need someone to listen to them to vent out. Encourage the conversation without exhausting yourself too much.

If it has become extremely toxic, cut the contact immediately, and avoid them at all cost. You cannot help someone who isn’t interested in helping and changing themselves for the better.

Learn to say “no” with kindness and compassion and say “yes” to saving your precious sanity and energy.

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