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Solfeggio Frequencies: The Tones of Miracle

It is undeniable that music can give you the comfort and console you. Studies have demonstrated that it has a powerful and positive effect on medications. When do people why prefer to lose themselves in music? The answers would often be the same. It makes them feel better. The positive emotions are heightened as the dopamine is activated. A person feels the elation as the influence of the music triggers the brain! it leaves every corner tapped! And how does the healing Solfeggio frequencies play its part?

Revisiting the Past

In the 11th century, Guido d’Arezzo, the Benedictine monk from Italy, searched for new methods to teach harmonies and melodies to their monastic choirs. This was the “Guidonian Hand” through the mnemonic tool. He did not settle and persevered to pursue innovations to express a musical scale. It was his vision to teach staff notations for hymns and chants. “Ut Re Mi Fa Sol La”, these were the original notations from Brother Guido. How did it come to be? It’s actually from the first syllables of the “Hymn to the Saint John the Baptist” or the “Hymnus in Ioannem” or “Ut queant axis”.

“Ut queant laxis”
“Resonare fibris”
“Mira gestorum”
“Famuli tuorum”
“Solve pollute”
“Labii reatum”
“Sancte Johannes”

In the 19th century, the six scale notes of C, D, E, F, G, A was the evolutionary diatonic scale. “Solfège” is the basis of the Solfeggio frequencies. The notation technique for teaching sight and pitch singing and was base on the word. The modern scale in this present time is? It is “Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti”.

Is there a correlation with Gregorian Chants?

It is almost impossible to say that not many have known or heard about the Gregorian chant. How? The effects on human physiology and psychology are astounding inestimable! Other researches have shown that people with depression and fatigue felt relief and at ease. The ancient scale of the frequencies is the core notes in at least 150 Gregorian Chants.

Tones of Miracles?

Can it affect your DNA? Glen Rein, Ph.D., a biochemist tested his theory. How? He utilized the Gregorian chants that had the Solfeggio scale, converting and recording it to scalar audio waves. The chants went through a conversion altercation for easier usage. It was played to DNA samples with test tubes and measured the absorption of UV light. What happened next was beyond words! The light absorption is up to 9% in comparison to other music genres! This lead to the conclusion by Dr. Rein of the Solfeggio frequencies scale does have healing capabilities.

In the mid-1970s, an herbalist and naturopathic physician, Dr. Joseph Puleo explored the ancient scale. He came up with the theory that each of the “Hz” has a specific distinctiveness and can be used for therapeutic purposes. Co-authoring with Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz titling the book as the “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”.

The latest Japanese studies on the Solfeggio scale for healing as it proffering stress-reducing result. With the specification of the Mi or E 528 Hz on the endocrine system. Additional research shows that the frequency supports immensely with cultivating agriculture better.

The Six Tones of Miracle

  • 396Hz or UT: It is the frequency that transforms your grief into joy and the guilt you are overwhelmed with into forgiveness.
  • 417Hz or the RE: It negativity which you are experiencing clears and it effectively removes all the subconscious blockages.
  • 528Hz or MI: This is the famous “love frequency”. As it stimulates the emotions of pure love, restores the person’s equilibrium, and repairs the body’s DNA.
  • 639Hz or FA: The frequency which strengthens the family, relationships, and the community’s harmony.
  • 741hz or SOL: It cleanses the body physically from every type of toxins.
  • 852Hz or LA: Your intuition will be awakened. The meditation process becomes easier to go back to your spiritual balance.

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