Rife Machine & The Universal Microscope

It seems that scientists are unable to find the most effective cure against diseases. In all honesty, people all over the world truly yearn for the best therapy there is. No one desires to get ill and acquire infectious diseases then. No one wishes to infect others, as well. There are diseases that can indeed be contagious, while others are not. Nevertheless, everyone longs for the cure and to ultimately end the health issues all over the world.

But, a man named Royal Raymond Rife might have invented the machines that analyze and treats cancer? He is an American inventor and best identified for claiming his “beam ray” invention could treat some diseases through electromagnetic energy in the early 1930s. Where is it now?

Were these just an ordinary microscope or machine?

The 1930s was a long time ago but, Royal Raymond Rife was able to produce possibly the most powerful microscope in history! The Universal Microscope was then introduced. And could utilize modes of illuminations:

  • White light or monochromatic
  • Polarize
  • Darkfield
  • Infra-red
  • Slit Ultra

Royal Rife became frustrated as he needed a machine that can help him research better on viruses that cause cancer. Since the viruses are infinitesimal diminutive in its form, an ordinary or even an Electron microscope can work. According to the reports found from the Journal of the Franklin Institute, the Universal Microscope can magnify up to 60,000x with a resolution of 31,000x. It means that he won’t have to endure photos of the microorganisms but, actually see the living specimens and observe in real-time.

Rife’s study cases and documentations of “Mortal Oscillatory Rate”, stating for every type of pathogenic organism it can be destroyed through vibrations within a specific rate. He also believed that through his machines, it is possible to destroy the disease organisms without damaging the other living tissues.

Although, Rife departed from this world bankrupt and resentful from all the persecution he endured. He blames the conspiracies involving the Department of Public Health, American Medical Association, and of others within the organized medical system. He was purportedly claiming that these elements “demoralized and brainwashed” his colleagues.

In 1987, Barry Lynes published a book, The Cancer Cure That Worked, and also claims that Royal Rife’s work indeed succeeded. However, entities were allegedly blocking his inventions and studies.

Only a Dream or Can Still is a reality?

Today, there are rife machines and even the frequencies are accessible in the global market or video-sharing sites. With regards to “useless” by some factors, it appears that people are still seeking the Rife machine for therapeutic purposes.

Wouldn’t it be astounding to have these particularly powerful machines in these dire times for scientific studies and research? As the alternative procedure that can cure the mildest to worst illnesses in the world.

What do you think?

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