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How Important is Social and Psychological Support for Everyone?

First and foremost, know that you are not alone in this time of pandemic. Millions of people all over the world also feel the same lost and hopelessness. But, should you settle for it? Should the lives of people stop? One of the best things you can do for each other is to provide psychological and social support.

How essential is this?

It is necessary, especially, in these times to help everyone the best way you can. You do not have to be a registered psychologist to offer this loving service. The simplest form of reaching out and connecting to your children and to the people you love regardless of distance is already psychological and social help.

How to Help the Children Maintain a Life of Normalcy?

  • Have you noticed that the kids have been seeking more attention lately and become challenging? In times like this, it is a natural reaction. Children are very smart and observant of their surroundings. They also base their response on your emotions and behavior, for them to manage theirs too. Keeping them close to you and sharing information to them makes them more aware. Share it with the simplest, honest and loving form of language for their anxiety and fear will ease as well.
  • Daily routines are a great way to sustain normalcy to their lives. Since, they will also stay at home with your for many months, activities and playing within the home or yard is good.
  • Can you add some new routines too? Of course! Many parents have been opting to home-school their children. Others download learning activities and printing it to continue a child-led learning sessions.
  • How should you respond to your child when they ask for attention? It is easier said than done, but reacting to your child in a supportive and loving manner will make them listen more. When you show affection, lessen the aggravation, they mirror the positive outlook and action even in times of crisis.

How about the older adults in the family?

  • For the elderly, it can be challenging to keep in touch. If they are in the elderly homes, prepare something special for them and supply their needs regularly. Always fill the packages with love, information that to contact, and everything they would require.
  • When they are with you, give them the emotional support. Sometimes, just listening to them when they speak or tell stories is comforting for them.
  • Exercising and moving around on their own provides the elderly the sense of freedom and choice to take care of themselves. Walking is great! Let them choose the meal or cook their favorite food. Give them the space they need for sleeping and resting.
  • As you would have noticed, the media is filled with news. This news can be stressful too and would trigger anxiousness. At times, it is best to keep this unfavorable news away from them.

How to take care of yourself?

It might take a toll on your mental health too. So, never forget to include your list of feel good activities. Gardening is an amazing choice to cope with stress and is amazing for sustainable living. Sweating out the worries away through exercise videos is an awesome choice too! Drink that warm dark chocolate or tea if you prefer. Filling your stomach with nutritious food will ensure a healthy and vibrant mood of the whole family.

Comfort and console your family, and ask them to offer you the same care and love too. Expand this to your friends and peers because spreading love and support in this time is very much needed indeed.

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