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What is Rebel Wisdom? What Makes Them Important?

“When our existing assumptions and ways of thinking break down, it’s the rebels and the renegades, those who dare to think differently, who are needed to reboot the system.”

Rebel Wisdom is a media channel that brings out new perspectives and enlightening intellectual ideas that are not influenced by postmodernist thoughts and ideologies of our current time. Drawing from important subjects such as philosophy, psychology, science, and other topics for genuine social and political awakening, founder David Fuller and co-founder Alexander Beiner deliver issues, truths, and arguments in a more profound and comprehensive manner; allowing democracy and intellectual honesty to be the dominating factors of our social affairs.

Rebel Wisdom’s work offers “new, unpopular, and revolutionary” viewpoints that help people understand the great political polarization that is happening right now globally. They cover topics such as ancient wisdom and philosophical traditions, feminism, sustainable future, technologies, neuro-science, psychedelics, consciousness, modern spirituality, and other important matters that help develop human potentialities for psycho-spiritual transcendence and liberation. David Fuller, a very talented documentary film maker and an important journalist of the BBC and Channel 4, and Alexander Beiner, a writer and theorist who co-founded the meditation school called “Open Meditation” and also a very successful facilitator of many self-improving programs and workshops, deliver many podcasts and articles that are really significant for our current socio-political situation.           

By interviewing the “most advanced, essential, and rebellious thinkers” of our time such as Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Ken Wilber, Bret Weinstein, Cassie Jaye, Warren Farrel, Jordan Greenhall, etc. (also known as the “Intellectual Dark Web” movement or IDW), Rebel Wisdom seeks to help the humanity’s growth and evolution by celebrating and promoting our collective intelligence through transformative non-biased, non-ideologically fuelled conversations. Moving beyond the constraints of ideology, Rebel Wisdom convey honest dialogues that are intended to break the shackles of the old leftist (and rightist too) and postmodernist paradigm that is creating endless chaos and confusion to our society as a whole.               

If you hunger for genuine truths and cerebrally elevating ideas that really make sense and are not confined to either left or right political spectrum, Rebel Wisdom is a great channel to follow as they provide essential facts and tools for navigating this very complex world situation we are having right now. As one of the most active groups that promote and advance the IDW movement, which is a very important intellectual movement of our time as they offer profound analysis and sound contemplation, Rebel Wisdom deserves our attention and support; for our individual and collective psycho-spiritual evolution so please check out their websites here:

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