How To Spring Clean Your Garden

Springtime is one of the best times of the year to get into growing things in your garden because the temperature is usually very pleasant and there is a bit of rain here and there to help the plants grow. But if you are looking to get out into the garden and it is not looking the way that it should, you might need to consider having a spring clean for your garden. Like with your house, you need to throw some things out and clean up what you can, but it will all be worth it in the end, so that you can have your garden looking beautiful again.

Organise your garden tools

If you own a lot of tools and equipment that you use to keep your garden looking good, you should have a place to store them when they are not being used. If you leave your tools and equipment out in the open when they are not being used, they could start to rust or deteriorate over time, because they are not being properly looked after. This is especially important for things like lawnmowers and line trimmers because they are expensive to replace when they are damaged. If you want a place to keep all of your gardening tools and equipment, you should get yourself a shed to put everything in. Garden sheds are great for people who need some extra storage in their garden and they come in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit any garden. Also, if you have shed, you will know exactly where everything should be, so you can have access to it when you need it. 

Do some weeding and pruning

Weeding and pruning are very important to people that want to keep their garden looking beautiful, but it can be hard to keep on top of it during the colder months. To start with, get rid of the weeds in your flower beds and in any areas that could disrupt plant growth. This will help to make your garden look better and to encourage the things that you have planted to grow big and strong. When pruning trees and bushes, you want to make sure that everything is neat and tidy, and that you only cut off the branches and stems that are dead or infected. Pruning the right parts of your plant can help to encourage growth in the right areas, but you need to make sure you prune your plants at the right time. A good idea is to wait until the tree has bloomed a bit so that you can see where the growth has occurred and where it has not so that the good branches are not trimmed. 

Remove winter protection

A lot of gardeners like to do a few things to protect their plants in winter so that they won’t be damaged by any harsh weather conditions or cold temperatures. Depending on where you live, winter can be a very difficult time for plants that bloom in the summer. If you live in a colder climate, you may experience some snow or frost that you need to protect some plants from, so you may choose to cover them until it gets warm again. However, you should take the covers off once the cold has passed, because the excess heat from the warmer weather can kill some plants. If you live in a drier climate, winter can be a hard time for plants as well, because it can be hard for plants to retain moisture when it is dry. This is why a lot of people put down a layer of mulch at the start of a dry winter because it will help the plants keep the moisture inside where they need it. When it comes to spring, it is very important to remove any bits of your winter mulch that may be leftover so that you can sprinkle some new fresh mulch on to your plants, so that they can continue to grow as the season progresses. 

Get rid of green waste

When you are doing a big garden clean-up you need to think about how you are going to dispose of any of the waste that you may have from the job. Most people think that you can just throw away bits of trees and leaves that can’t be composted, but this is not the best way to get rid of your green waste. If you already have a bin provided by your council that is specifically for green waste, then all you need to do is put anything that you can’t compost in there. If you have a large amount of green waste on your hands and you don’t have anywhere to put it, you might want to consider hiring a team of professionals to get rid of it for you. Companies are great at removing green waste and because they will take care of removing everything and disposing of it in a way that won’t harm the environment, so you can be sure that your green waste won’t end up in landfill where it should not be.  

There are many things that you need to do to make sure that your garden looks beautiful for spring. It can be hard to get going when you start to do any kind of spring cleaning, but once you start, you won’t be able to stop yourself, because you will be able to see the improvements for yourself. You won’t want to leave your garden spring clean too late, because some plants will need attention immediately to grow big and strong, so making time to clean up your garden at the start of spring will benefit you further down the track.

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